Cool Catering Trends And Tricks That May Make It To Your Table

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There are some very cool and chic catering trends being seen at parties and events; try incorporating some of these clever ideas into your own parties. Kick things up a notch with some ideas that will get your guests talking and that many may rave about for years to come. After all, everyone remembers what they ate when attending parties, events, and affairs—make it something special!

Some cool and contemporary catering trends to try include:

Self-serve stations. Caterers are getting really creative when it comes to the self-serve stations at events like corporate functions or weddings, offering everything from a cookie decorating station at a holiday party or a sushi bar at a bachelor's bash. From soup to nuts, there are any number of foods and dishes that can be customized and served through a self-serve station, which cuts down on staffing and costs.

Donut walls. The latest craze at any catered event is a donut wall. This typically involves a large vertical wall with pegs that hold donuts through each hole. This displays the donuts in a fun, fresh way and also provides a conversation starter at your party. This is a great way to 'class-up' a simple food, like donuts, to be served at even very-formal affairs.

Edible art. Caterers often work their magic with their food, creating edible art out of simple, tasty dishes. For instance, one party recently boasted of orb appetizers full of salad; you can try doing that and suspending them from a tree or other feature in the space. Usually these hors d'oeuvres are contained in glass baubles that open at the top and are used in a cool, dry venue, like evening events outside.

Attention to ice. One of the 'Real Housewives of Orange County' recently likened ice to "jewelry for your glass," which is an accurate assessment. Caterers are beginning to put thought and creativity into the ice that they offer their guests, using octagonal ice cubes or even LED ice cubes to give glasses a glow and inviting allure. You can also invest in some novelty ice cube trays to start early making ice in your desired shapes. This might be a great chore to assign to kids and teens living in your home.

Treat your guests to some of these clever and creative catering trends. Talk with a local caterer, such as Uncle Bub's BBQ, Catering & More, about incorporating some unique features in addition to providing your guests with a fantastic meal. 


7 September 2016

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