Three Vegetables You Can Grill On A Propane Grill

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Propane grills are not only a great way to grill tasty meats, but they can be used to grill vegetables as well. Many vegetables are great for the grill and can be cooked without falling apart or becoming burned to a crisp. These grilled vegetables make a great accompaniment to your meats and sometimes they can be grilled side by side. Here are three vegetables that you can grill on a propane grill without any problem. Any time you grill, make sure your grill is running at its optimum temperature before you start cooking.

Corn on the cob:

Some people will argue that corn is not a vegetable but a grain, but despite the debate, corn is still a great produce item that does great on the grill. One of the best ways to cook corn cobs without drying them out is by leaving at least the outer husk attached. Soak the ears in water for about five or ten minutes to keep them moist. Then, grill the corn for about three minutes on each side before removing the husk and continue grilling until all sides are as caramelized as you like, or about five to seven minutes. Season to taste.


Potatoes can be grilled in a variety of ways, but one popular way is wrap them in aluminum foil and slow-grill them on low heat for 45 minutes or until you can easily poke them with a fork. Another way is to cut them in half, anoint them with oil and grill them, skin-side up, directly on the grill for a half hour. You can also cut the potatoes into even smaller pieces, coat them in oil and seasonings, and cook them on a grill pan for about twenty minutes or until tender.


Grilling peppers is a great way to bring out their flavor. Large peppers are great for grilling and can be placed directly on the grill. Though you can grill the peppers whole, most people recommend cutting them at least in half or quarters lengthwise. Cook them about four minutes on each side or until the skin is blackened. Remove skin before eating. These peppers make a great addition to a salad, salsa, or stir-fry.

Propane grills are great for their easy-to-control and consistent heating as well as their ability to bring out natural flavors instead of masking them. They are great for all your barbecue needs, whether it's grilling meat or other foods such as vegetables. If you think propane is the right type of grill for you, then contact a propane grill sales office to see what models work best for you.


1 September 2016

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