3 Creative Ways to Cook Fish and Chips

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Originating in England, fish and chips is a dish that features a battered fish, such as cod, and fried potatoes. While you can find fish and chips on many restaurant and even bar and pub menus, and it's an easy meal to make at home, too. You can pick from a wide variety of fish and serve the chips up in several different ways as well.

If you're craving this traditional meal but want to liven it up, try a new approach the next time you make it. Don't be afraid to incorporate exotic spices and other ingredients that you don't typically find in the dish. While having fun and playing around in the kitchen, you may discover that you and your family members prefer your fish and chips with a creative twist. 

Here are three ways you can jazz up classic fish and chips.

1. Potato Chip–Encrusted Fish and Chips 

Make your taste buds tingle by swapping our your uninspired, stand-by fish batter for your favorite potato-chip crumbles. Using the chips is a way to infuse the dish with a lot of flavor with minimal effort.

Start by crushing your preferred flavor of potato chips, such as dill, salt and vinegar, BBQ, or sour cream and onion. Mix the chip crumbles with corn meal for added crunch, and prepare the fish the same way you would with your usual batter. Fry the fish until the batter is golden brown. and serve with any type of French fries, or chips.

2. Asian-Inspired Fish and Chips

If you love Asian cuisine, you can easily incorporate the fresh, bold flavors into your next fish-and-chips meal. Start by marinating a mild white fish, such as tilapia, in rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and miso paste mixture. Then, batter the fish with tempura flakes, which will make the fillets fry up light and crispy. 

Use fresh-cut sweet potato fries instead of the typical white potato chips, and dip them into wasabi-infused mayonnaise. 

3. Fish and Chips Skewers 

Transform fish and chips into hearty party appetizers by serving them on skewers. Fry the fish in any type of batter, and then cut the fillets into bite-sized pieces. Cut white potatoes into cubes and fry or bake them until crisp. Slide one piece of fish and one potato cube onto each skewer and present them on a tray with homemade dill-infused tartar sauce for dipping.

If you'd rather serve the skewers as a light lunch, place at least three pieces of fish and three potato cubes on each one. 


30 August 2016

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