Shaken And Stirred—The Best Alcohol-Inspired Bridal Shower Themes For Any Group

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Planning a bridal shower that reflects the personality of the bride can be difficult. You may not want to stick with the traditional pastel, tulle-filled shower and tired party games. If the guest of honor enjoys imbibing—be it beer, wine or cocktails—you may have more options than you realize. Here are 3 ways to create a fun-filled shower specializing in adult beverages and their trappings.

Happy Hour Shower. A happy hour theme is an excellent way to liven up any shower and makes a great co-ed shower theme. You can choose to go with a casual, slightly naughty Prohibition Era decor or a decadent 1920s vibe. Serve a variety of beer, wine and/or cocktails, including a signature cocktail in honor of the bride or groom and a few mocktails for the under-21 crowd. The best types of food for this shower are upscale versions of bar food. Work with your caterer to offer fancy variations on things like pretzel mixes, nuts, potato skins and chicken wings. If you can work out a package deal with your caterer to provide both the food and the drinks for a single per-head fee, you may find that this shower can save not only time but also money. 

Wine Tasting Shower. A wine tasting is great for a more formal, traditional group of people -- including parents or grandparents of the bridal couple. Hire a wine pro at a local winery and plan on between 4 and 8 different types of vino. You can generally figure on a bottle of wine being sufficient for about 8 tastes, so do the math to ensure you have enough on hand for the entire evening. Your caterer should be able to suggest so-called "palate clearing" food to go along with the wines. This may include such things as a selection of meats and cheeses, crackers, French bread or biscuits. 

Bartending School Shower. Want a hands-on and fun evening where everyone can relax? Try opening a one-night-only bartending school! Put the word out at your favorite local bars or among friends that you want to hire a professional bartender to teach the bride and her friends how to make a few of their own cocktails. Make sure your chosen bartender creates a specialty drink for the evening's guest of honor. For some added fun, challenge guests to compete by creating their own cocktail—with the winning beverage being served at the wedding! Work with your caterer to serve bar-themed appetizers and desserts such as shot glass parfaits or cheesecakes, mashed potato martinis and rum truffles

Thinking outside the box when it comes to bridal showers opens up new possibilities you may never have thought of. And the result will be a party that both guests and the bride will enjoy and remember for years to come.


23 August 2016

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