FAQ About Investing In Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Are you preparing to buy kitchen equipment for the restaurant that you are opening? There are a few important things that you should keep in mind before moving forward with investing in the equipment. You must make sure that the right kind of equipment is purchased if you don't want to deal with any untimely problems. This article covers a few of the questions that you might have in mind about purchasing restaurant kitchen equipment.

Are There Any Building Codes to Keep in Mind?

There are sometimes building codes in place in regards to where in the kitchen the equipment is placed. The type of equipment used in the restaurant might also have to meet certain building codes. For instance, it is possible that you will be required to get a hood installed over the stove if one does not come with it.

What Kind of Equipment Is Useful for a Restaurant Kitchen?

You must think about the amount of customers you will likely be serving per day before purchasing kitchen equipment. For instance, consider the capacity limits of your building as to how many customers can be in the restaurant at one time. Make sure you purchase a stove that has enough burners for preparing large amounts of food at a time, as you don't want customers waiting long to be served. Some other useful types of kitchen equipment include a commercial deep fryer, large freezer, and steamer.

Should the Electrical Outlets Be Considered?

You must keep in mind that electrical outlets are only able to handle so many kitchen appliances at a time. Ask an electrician how many volts the outlets can handle before investing in your kitchen equipment. The number of appliances that can be safely plugged into outlets will depend on the amps in the electrical panel. It is possible that your electoral panel needs an upgrade if your building is old.

Does Kitchen Equipment Come with a Warranty?

No matter how new kitchen equipment is, it can sometimes have defects. Make sure that the equipment you purchase is covered by a warranty. The length of warranty and what it covers will depend on the brand. Where the equipment is purchased will also play a role in whether or not a warranty is available. Get in touch with a dealer show selling commercial kitchen equipment or a professional to buy what is needed for your restaurant.


22 August 2016

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