Tips To Choose The Best Tools To Clean Your Grill Grates

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If you have a gas grill, then you should clean your grill grates at least every fourth time you use the grill. A dirty grill can affect the taste of your food. Debris from the grates can cause smoke to form, and the metal bars will not be as hot as they should be. Also, if food debris is left on the grill, then bacteria can thrive and then transfer to your food. Proper grill cleaning requires the use of tools, and purchasing the right ones means effective and easier grill cleaning.

Opt For Scraper Tools

Many people decide to purchase metal brushes to clean their grills. However, these brushes are often made with stainless steel bristles that can easily break off. Not only does this leave the brush ineffective when it comes to cleaning, but the bristles can attach to your food and be swallowed. This is dangerous. In fact, there are about 130 hospital visits each year that stem from grill brush bristle ingestion. 

To prevent injuries and to also keep your grill clean, forego the brushes and opt for scrapers instead. Grill scrapers are stainless steel tools with u-shaped indentations. The indentations are placed over the bars of the grill grate and moved towards the back of the grill to remove debris. 

Grill bricks can be used too. The bricks are solid pieces of fiberglass that scour the surfaces of the grates to release food. Purchase a brick with a long handle for easier use and move it back and worth over the steel grates until they are clean. 

Use A Polish

If you want to complete a deep clean, then use a sponge, dish soap, and hot water to remove built up grease and other debris. If your grill has smaller grates, then they can be removed and placed safely in your dishwasher. Once you complete the cleaning, you should notice a shiny stainless steel surface. The grill grates will be covered in a zinc coating that help to prevent corrosion. You should protect this coating.

You can protect the steel grates by purchasing a grill grate polishing spray. This spray is a food-safe product that adds a grease resistant coating on the outside of the metal. The material also helps to keep food from sticking to the steel so it can be removed easier. Spray a generous amount of the fluid on the exterior of your grates and use a cotton cloth to buff the metal afterwards. 

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7 August 2016

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