Is A Bordeaux Wine Lover You Know Moving Into A New Space? The Perfect Housewarming Gifts


If you have friends or family members that love a nice Bordeaux wine, and you want to get them a great gift as they move into a new place, there are a lot of options. You can get them gifts that they can enjoy and use to decorate their new place, while including something that is going to stimulate their palate. Here are a few of the different options you want to consider for your wine loving friend's gift.  

Buy in Bulk

Purchase a case of wine so they don't have to worry about stocking up the fridge, and so they don't have to worry about running out of wine any time shortly after they move in. As you look for bordeaux wine for sale, you can pick a variety of years and types and have them delivered to the new house when you order online, or you can have it shipped to your house to wrap it however you want before you take it over to the new place. As long as they have room to store the wine this should be a greatly appreciated gift.

Purchase a Wine Club Membership

A wine club membership for a year is a great way to send the couple a gift month after month, and it's something they can enjoy throughout the year as they adjust to their new home. This allows them to get samples of many different wines each month, and they get to get a couple of free bottles from you long after they move in. Find the best membership with the highest quality wines.

Get Monogrammed Glasses

Monogrammed wine glasses and stemware for the home will get use, and they are a gift that can be cherished and reused over and over again. If you already know the style of the kitchen or of the home, you can get glasses that will match. Monogrammed wine bottle holders, openers and other wine décor are also ideas for housewarming gifts.

You don't want to get the homeowners something that they already have, or something that they aren't going to use when they live at the house. If you already know that they love to drink wine, and that the wine you buy isn't going to go to waste, this is the best option to pick. Ask them what their favorite Bordeauxs and other French wines are so you can pick the best wine options to deliver as gifts. 


15 June 2016

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